Summary: my journey through blogging, tweeting etc

Hi everyone!

As you could guess from the title, I’m about to sum up my blogging experience so far, as a part of my Multimedia Journalism class.

First of all, it was really fun to do something like that for a class at university! When usually you have to write some research papers or analysis, here I was forced to talk to people about such intimate things, such as favorite photographs. I know it’s not like confessing the deepest secrets, however, every photograph has a story, and the story is always connected to your own response for this photograph.

Even though Valentine appeared to be very skeptical about such topic, but since photograph is a memory you would like to remember, and thus a good memory, he asked his father to scan and send him photographs from his childhood. So he showed me really funny pictures of him and his brothers posing as their favorite movie characters.

When I talked to Ilko Drenkov, he turned out to be the nicest storyteller and very passionate about nature. Through his photographs of seagulls floating in the sky he told me about his recent travel to Greece.

I knew that Desi is very into rock-music and life performances, but I didn’t know how much she loves Pink Floyd and that love brought her to one of the greatest live performances in the world. Even though no doubt there are many professional photographs from the show, she still took a couple of her own, though she was so amazed with the show and “didn’t want to miss a thing.”

With help of Emily, I learned the real today’s life of professional celebration photographers. I never realized before how much their work today is underestimated. My favorite part of our talk is this part:

There are a lot of young girls who asked their rich dads to buy them semi-professional cameras for 30 thousand rubles($900). They pretend to be photographers and work for really little money. It undervalues my father’s work, because he has a camera for 200 thousand rubles($6000), and clients don’t understand why he has higher prices. Many of clients cannot see the difference in their work. 

It’s just heartbreaking.

Despite the fact that today’s reality is really harsh towards professional photographers, Igor is not going to give up his passion. His photographs and stories behind them prove that mostly it’s not about the picture itself, but a memory connected to it.

Another prove for it is the story of Jade and Alma, who’ve been dating for almost a year now.

“Whatever happens we just make a picture[…] After a year when we start working and get all stressed by adult stuff, we’re going to forget all these precious memories. And we agreed that we’re going to take a picture of every single event, so we will not forget it,” said Jade.

Dariya told me about her favorite photographer, with whom she has one common passion: love for black and white photography. As she said, when she Roy Barloga’s triptych, it was the first time when she though “I have to have it in my home!”

On the other hand, we had many other challenges! I almost completely failed with having the biggest number of subscribers on blog’s twitter account and Facebook page. You know, it’s hard! But still, I know I could do better. I think, my midterm for this class was one of the most fun and hard at the same time! However, I really enjoyed it and was amazed of my productivity.

If at Writing for Media class we learned how to make a script for video news, well this time we had to actually shoot that video! And it’s been a great experience, I learned a lot, and I’m sure there’s so much more to explore.

I knew there was something special about blogging, tweeting, and “facebooking”, but now I know everything from my own experience. And it’s priceless!

Finally, I have to say goodbye, my Dear Reader. It’s been an exciting journey and now I have to move on. I got interested with photography even more, and I’m planning to take a photography course for sure.

So, maybe I’ll see you in my new blog some time, when I make one!

Thank you for subscribing, commenting and “liking” by blog posts!

See you later!

P.S. If you are curious about my favorite photographs, most recent of them are combined in a background collage! Here it is:


Bonus video!

Short-not-well-edited-yet-cartoon about photography in everyday life


Back to the Future

Hey there!

This time I didn’t find anyone to talk to, so let me tell you something I found out there on the Web. So, a while ago I found out a really cool web video magazine, and randomly watched a documentary about a photographer from Argentina, which actually sums up my blog’s idea. Photographer’s name is Irina Werning and she has a bachelor’s degree in economics, master’s in history and only after 7 years she decided to study photographic journalism. Well, this is a good example that your degree doesn’t really define your future job!

“Back to the Future” is Irina’s photo-project, with which she started travelling around the world. That’s what she said about it:

“I love old photos. I admit being a nosey(curious) photographer. As soon as I step into someone else’s house, I start sniffing for them. Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today… Two years ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future..” 

The project was very intimate at the beginning, she just took pictures of her friends and family from Buenos Aires. One day, after she published photographs, she received thousands of messages asking her if she could also take picture of them. What a success! That’s the way she started to travel and recreate old photographs. As it is written on her official website, now she travelling through Korea, Taiwan and Japan!


Pancho 1983 & 2010, Buenos Aires



Andy 1967 & 2011 Los Angeles



Riff Raff 1976 & 2011 London

All photographs © Irina Werning

I remember myself watching her first photographs of the project years ago. Now I learned that it just became viral! Can’t wait to see more time travels.

After writing all these, I realized that I actually have one recreated picture with my friends. Even though the difference is just three years and there is no much of accuracy, they are precious for me.



During school years we used to celebrate Halloween in an old small house on my yard. The last time we celebrated was in 2010. We don’t celebrate together now because all of us spread around Russia and the world. But this summer we finally met all-together. It was the happiest moment of this summer. I wish I was also in the picture, but someone always has to take the photograph.


Seeing world in pictures

Hey there!

I know, posting after deadline, not even talking about being late for 12 hours, is a deadly sin, but I had to post this story anyway!

This week I talked to Dariya Yanitskaya, a junior student at AUBG from Belarus. She is an editor of Defacto newspaper, theater play director and a passionate photographer. You can say that she is a many-sided creative person! Dariya already had a photography exhibition in Norway, where she was an exchange student last semester. With her friend, they shot a series of black and white photographs “Hand(full) of meanings”. The trick is that you can read the name two ways: “Hand full of meanings” and “Handful of meanings”. Since both of them are obsessed with hands and their beauty, the main idea of this series is hand gestures and their meanings.


Dariya(on the left) and her friend, with whom she worked.


“Sometimes I see the world in pictures rather than in motion. I would go to a club to take pictures, and till the end of night, even though I’m done, I will see the whole setting in pictures, like frames and frames and frames, which is kind of disturbing, because I cannot relax.”

For Dariya, photographs is the mean of cherishing and remembering life moments. She takes inspiration from other peoples work, and Roy Barloga is one of the main inspiring persons. His black and white photography amazes you with deep and philosophical compositions. For Dariya, it was the first time, when she actually wanted to buy a piece of art.

The presentation of a photograph is very important for Dariya. When she worked for this exhibition, she had a lot of struggle with deciding the way they were going to present photo-series. That’s what Dariya likes about Barloga’s work. His unique technique of printing on Plexiglas his works incredible: only shades of black and gray is printed on glass, and it shows white color of wall through it. That’s why Barloga requires an art gallery to have white walls. Dariya wishes to have his artwork in her future home, instead of TV.

Watch the video of Dariya telling her own story with photography!

… and enjoy Roy Barloga’s art more!


Favorite photographs

This is my first Storify story! I made it for our Multimedia Journalism in-class assignment.
Blogging on this topic is fun, but the hardest part about it is that photographs can vary greatly. You can see it through these examples of twitter posts with photographs and quotes on photography.
  1. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams #photography #quote
  2. A memory is a photograph taken by the heart to make a special moment last forever,ou get back up,” ~ Vince Lombardi #quote
  3. A photograph never grows old, You and I change, people change all through le I hated sleep, now its my favorite thing,
  4. Got to photograph one of my most favorite and longtime family clients today. Had a pretty…
  5. I was able to photograph some of my favorite bands this weekend. I’ll be posting them on my blog soon!…

Alma and Jade: photo love story


It’s been quite a while since I posted last time. But that’s how it works, when the blog is a part of your class work: sometimes you have another stuff to do.

Photographs of love are one of the most warming ones, so this time I decided to look for a nice couple to talk to. However, how it usually happens, you cannot remember things when you want to. Though, luckily for me, I met Jade, whose real name is Khash-Erdene Ganbat, and remembered that he has been dating Alma Zhatleuova for a quite long time. I was really happy, when they agreed to show me some photographs and tell stories behind them.

Alma and Jade started dating and officially said that on Alma’s birthday. The first picture they showed me is from that birthday celebration.

asdI remember them seeing together at that time, and they actually looked very good together from the beginning of their relationships.

“I am willing to create a future with her. It’s just something precious,” said Jade.

As both of them said, they have a lot of photographs of them being together.

“I have a folder with our pictures, and inside it more folders. So if I want to find something, I have to go through a lot of pictures,” said Alma.

But the reason for it is valuing every moment they spent together:

“Whatever happens we just make a picture[…] After a year when we start working and get all stressed by adult stuff, we’re going to forget all these precious memories. And we agreed that we’re going to take a picture of every single event, so we will not forget it,” said Jade.

afsdf l.php

Let’s wish them a lot more photographs of their future happy life together!


Half-way through

Hi there! Almost two months has passed since I created this blog. Personally, I love watching and re-watching my old photographs of friends, family, nature and everything what happened to me and I liked. That’s why, it’s always interesting to learn what photographs do other people like, since it shows his or her personality from other side. For example, the interview with Ilko Drenkov was an intimate moment of sharing love for nature:

“Seagull – is the free bird, the symbol of freedom. Any bird itself shows us how to we shall behave. I think we shall cherish those lovely moments enjoying nature, having the photos of those precious moments and share. After all, all happiness is happiness because it is shared. And photos could be the mean of sharing.”

Sometimes, the event you are at is so magical that you don’t want to take pictures of it even, maybe just a couple. As Desi said after Roger Water’s concert:

“I didn’t want to take my phone and make pictures, because I wanted to stare at the concert. I didn’t want to miss a thing.”

Photography is also a profession. But as I found out, it might be not so enjoyable in reality. I learned that from a story about Emily Galimzyanova’s father:

“There are a lot of young girls who asked their rich dads to buy them semi-professional cameras for 30 thousand rubles($900). They pretend to be photographers and work for really little money. It undervalues my father’s work, because he has a camera for 200 thousand rubles($6000), and clients don’t understand why he has higher prices. Many of clients cannot see the difference in their work.” 

However, overall, all photographs are memories, good or bad. For Igor they are definitely precious and warming.

“I took this picture of sunset, and you can see mountains in the distance. Again, it’s very simple and I like the colors. It just reminds me of Colorado and that wonderful time.”

Also it is just amazing how our everyday life is full of photographs everywhere! Especially the news, because photographs make them so much more truthful. That’s what Tatevik thought of photographs from recent events in Moscow.

“They irritate you and make you think more about what’s happening. They cause some emotions and some response.”

Plus to these interesting stories, with this blog I learned how to blog! I was thinking of blogging as something easy and not important. But as it turned out, it takes time and effort to make an interesting blog. The hardest part is to get as more followers as possible, and for that you need to share about it on different social network, add more pictures and put some edited videos and audios. As it appeared to be, it takes some time!

On the other hand, I’m really enjoying it! It is so exciting and rewarding to get comments, “likes”, and new followers. So stay tuned, and you will see more posts from me!

Here is a mash-up of all photographs I talked about and plus extra bonus.

News with photographs: the most moving ones

Hey reader!

This blog post will be a huge contrast comparing to my previous ones, not only because it is connected to world news, but also because it will be about some other emotions. If I used to tell stories of some nice memories and warm feelings, this time I will talk about fear. And I’m really scared right now.

I know that reading news is bad for your health and sanity, but this couldn’t be unnoticed on my news feed, because it used irritating and disturbing photographs from a huge event in the capital of my home-country, Moscow.

Yesterday, October 13, in Moscow, Biryulyevo neighborhood, rioters smashed local shopping center and warehouse. “It’s the biggest outbreak of anti-migrant unrest in the Russian capital in three years,” The New York Times said.

“Demonstrators, some chanting racist slogans, vandalized shops and other sites known for employing migrant workers in the Biryulyovo area after the killing of a young ethnic Russian widely blamed on a man from the Caucasus.”

The original article was published by Reuters and spread through most international news , such as NBC, euronews and the Guardian.  But I found it through Russian online news TV Rain, because they were updating event with photographs online. Sitting in my room yesterday evening, I couldn’t believe what I saw through those pictures. I think they are very moving.

In the slideshow there are also photos from Esquire’s “Photo of the day”, and online news:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got worried about my friend, who lives in Moscow. When I asked her, if she knows what’s going on in Biryulyovo neighborhood, she said: “No, why?” Yeah, Moscow is a huge place and each neighborhood is like another city itself.

Then I thought, there must be someone at my university who knows about the riot, since we have many Russian citizens on campus. Tatevik Mkrtchyan was very frightened, when I told her the whole story. It was very striking for her, because she learned the news just from me. Tatevik said that she has mixed feelings, because she is actually from Armenia and lives in Russia, since her parents moved there when she wasn’t born yet.

“Sometimes people in Russia do not make distinctions between what people as individuals are and what the nation is. So, they think that if one representative of the nation did something wrong, so the whole nation is unintelligent, and don’t have any behavioral norms. But it’s not like that.”

When I showed her the photographs from yesterday’s Biryulyevo, she thought that they are very powerful, because they are up-to-date, so you have feeling of connection to them.

“They irritate you and make you think more about what’s happening. They cause some emotions and some response.”

Here’s the video, where Tatevik is watching more photographs from the riot and tells what she feels. You clearly can see how worried she is by the event.

Nikita Zvyagintsev is also from Russia and he already knew all news connected to the event. “Wasn’t it already going for a week now?” he asked me.

“Every political scientist will tell you that when the things in a country go wrong, the way they are right now in Russia, nationalistic movements start arising and they gain huge popularity, because people are looking for someone to blame for the troubles that they have. I was expecting this to start much earlier; it doesn’t surprise me at all.”

I showed Niktia pictures from riot again, and that’s what he said:

“They are disturbing, of course. Nothing too cruel is happening right now, I’m hoping it will not go any further, yet I am afraid it will. As worse as it gets, it will be right there in the photo. I think, things are as bad as they in videos or in pictures. I don’t think they are overrating anything.”

In conclusion, I want to say that photographs are the most moving visual mean of communication. You can transfer any feeling you would like to, love, passion, warmth or fear. News photographs are meant to catch reader’s attention, but sometimes photographer doesn’t have to make any effort, because the event itself is very moving.

I hope you enjoyed this unusual post, and it made you think of how many different photographs we see every day.

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Memories and ambitions

Hey there!

This time I decided to talk to someone, who is a photographer himself. Igor Myakotin is a junior at American University in Bulgaria from Russia and one of the most known people on campus. When I got the idea of interviewing him about his favorite photographs, I was really shy to ask him for interview personally, even though we take two classes together. For me, he is like one of those cool kids on the block you are not really talking to. So, I messaged him, and later when we met, Igor was actually very nice. These are pictures he showed to me: 1278474_10201521129264527_1853282578_n 1376151_10201521129304528_1824578300_n Both of them are very mysterious and that’s what Igor actually like about them, because they stand out of all pictures he has taken for five years of practicing photography.  His parents bought him a photo camera when he went on an exchange to US in 2008. The first picture was taken during his exchange year. On Halloween break Igor’s host-father took him to Universal Studio amusement park in Los Angeles.

“It was dark, there was a lot of fog, and people walking around and screaming, trying to scare you. I took this picture in black and white. There are people under a street light. I just like how simple it is and mysterious.”

You wouldn’t really think that the picture was taken accidentally, but as Igor said, he didn’t prepare for it. “It was pure lack and chance that I took it.” I also like the mystery in the photograph, as if some mischief was planned under that street light. The second picture was taken when he was back to places where he used to live, Colorado, in 2012.

“I took this picture of sunset, and you can see mountains in the distance. Again, it’s very simple and I like the colors. It just reminds me of Colorado and that wonderful time.”

If you look carefully, you can see a slight splash on the photograph. Igor explained to me that it’s not a digital photo, but a film photo. He doesn’t know what happened, when picture gets developed, there are some little accidents and picture becomes messy. But he likes it, because it makes photographs more artistic.

“It gives a value and a soul to a picture.”

At the end of the interview, Igor appeared to me from a different angle. Even though today photography is extremely popular, and teenagers by expensive cameras and pretend to be photographers, there are still people who are interested in inner beauty of photographs. I wish Igor all the luck to make photography as a profession or even more!

Here is the video of Igor in action and talking about his future plans on photography.

Do you think I need some diversity?

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Photographer as a profession: art or business?

Hello there!

Clearly, taking photographs is the best an easiest way of catching a special moment in your life, like a wedding. But how does it feel to be not in the guest list? This week I talked to Emily Galimzyanova, a freshman student from small city in Russia, whose father is a professional photographer.


As she said, there is almost no art in photography for Rinat Galimzyanov today. Though, since he was twelve or even younger, it was a beloved hobby for him. Then later, he with a photo camera and hippy friends used to go somewhere out of the city to abandoned houses, ruined churches and just pure nature. He was an active member of photography clubs and usual guest at photo studios.


After graduation from medical institution, Rinat worked in medical services till Emily was 7. It was a time when there was no photo camera in every family, and he started going around his town to the villages and taking photos of kids with toys. Then, he would go to region’s central town, print them there, and give those photos back according to all adresses and phone numbers he kept.

It was kind of interesting and profitable. So, he kept doing this and then started to shoot weddings. He bought a new camera. He found a videographer, so they worked together. Firstly, couples were coming to our home to see examples of his work. I think, 10 years ago he opened an office, like a studio. He had a couple of computers, and did all the job there. And his major field is a wedding photography. 

At his office, he also had a printing machine, which not many people had, and thus Rinat copied and printed documents for money. Sometimes, he would ask his little daughter Emily to come to his office and help with printing/copying/scanning work. Little by little, Emily got introduced to her fathers work as a photographer.


I became his relief in the office. I would come to his lunch breaks, because it was close to my school. Later he taught me how to edit photos and how to shoot, basic rules. He was really annoyed when I was making photos and it wasn’t right. And this is how I started, when I was twelve years.

From that point, it became their family business. Emily’s mother also started working with them on weekends, now Emily’s younger sister, who is 14 year old, helps them with editing, and their little 5-year-old brother is their beloved model. Everything is relatively good now, but Emily is annoyed how her father’s work is underestimated.

There are a lot of young girls who asked their rich dads to buy them semi-professional cameras for 30 thousand rubles($900). They pretend to be photographers and work for really little money. It undervalues my father’s work, because he has a camera for 200 thousand rubles($6000), and clients don’t understand why he has higher prices. Many of clients cannot see the difference in their work. 


As Emily said, since there are a lot of unskillful photographers, her father cannot choose with whom to work with, and it is not enjoyable for him anymore. But still, with his other photographer friends, he goes outside of town and takes more interesting pictures of models, family or nature.

I wish all photo cameras got broken and only very skillful photographers, like my father, could take pictures.

All of photographs are made by Rinat Galimzyanov

5 shot video exercise

I just learned how to shoot a 5-shot video!

It’s not connected to my blog topic, but it’s a practice to make more interesting stories later. So, stay tuned!